About my greenhouse

My dream was a large wooden greenhouse. As usual, I had ideas above my station.

I used to have the sweetest little hexagonal greenhouse out in the courtyard garden. I loved spending time out there with my geranium cuttings and a few seeds. It did look pretty but Fairford is in a bit of a frost pocket and this little treasure was not heated.

When the Cross Stitch Guild changed hands a few years ago, my treat to me was to be a new greenhouse – as usual, I had ideas above my station. I knew what I wanted in terms of shape and had realised, after visiting a friend’s greenhouse, that my original idea was still too small. Only a 10 x 8 ft wooden construction would do and of course I would need heating and lighting. 

You can imagine the sort of prices I was quoted, so I become a bit down-hearted. Then it happened! I was in our local garden centre and spotted exactly what I wanted (even down to the colour of the paint finish as it exactly matched the house) and it was a display model and down to half price. You can imagine urgent phone calls home, meeting Bill in the car park and making sure the deal was done. Even better, I could not have the greenhouse until after Christmas, thus making time for the base to be built and the funds to be available.

Since the day it was complete, I have been thrilled to bits with my treasure. Jenny Dixon and I went on courses with Sarah Raven and I now have a cutting garden and two raised veg beds and I love it. Such is my obsession that it wasn’t long before I designed a mini-version as a Stitcher’s Etui. You can see this very special kit on the Cross Stitch Guild website if you would like to make a mini greenhouse all your own.

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Outside at last!

Outside at last!

The greenhouse was bursting at the seams and my seedlings where desperate to get out into real soil