Almost 40 years in Fairford

After all these years we have almost moved from blow-ins to locals

It is difficult to believe that in May 2022, we will be celebrating living in this loveliest of places for 40 years – and are still in love with it! 

I know that it is 40 years because my son James is forty this Tuesday and he had his first birthday was in our cottage at the other end of Fairford. As I have mentioned in previous Jottings, we were moved to this county by Lloyds Band (at least something to thank them for!) and, although Bill was offered other moves, we made the decision to stay put and have never 
regretted it for a second. Both our children now live elsewhere but I know how much they love ‘the Shire’, as they refer to it, and both can get to Pinks Barn in under an hour, so I am very happy with that.

Back in 1982, I can remember sitting looking across the water meadows whilst Bill was in a meeting somewhere and thinking I must have won The Pools (no National Lottery back then) and, if the Bank discovered where they had sent us, they would change their minds! Anyway, that is all history and after all these years we have almost moved from blow-ins to locals. 

I decided to walk around and take some photos of what makes Fairford so special. have included the water meadows and the old mill where we took the children to feed the ducks. All the farmland, meadows and many of the special old buildings are owned and run by the Ernest Cook Trust (a relation of Thomas Cook), and the maintained and care for our environment which makes us very fortunate indeed.

I have included some pictures of St Mary’s, Fairford which dates from 1497 and is chiefly known for its stained-glass windows – the only complete set of late medieval glass in a parish church in the country. These story windows were made by John Tame and his son Edmund and they were completed in 1515. It was during our time in Fairford that funds were raised to repair and restore these unique windows and after 20 years of restoration the final window was reinstated in 2010. They are 
really worth a visit.

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