Bits & Bobs from Pinks Barn

We celebrated in advance with dinner and a visit to the Watermill Theatre, near Newbury

I aim not to talk too much about current affairs here. I count Finder of Treasures as a bit of an escape for both you and me. Current events (time of writing, March 2022) are just too big to talk about. Thank heavens for my stitching and designing – I can lose myself when creating, but at 3am this is not very well received by management…

Bill and I are celebrating 44 years of marriage on Friday 4th March. I will be at The Stitch Festival in Islington that day, so we celebrated in advance with dinner and a visit to the Watermill Theatre, near Newbury. We saw the new play by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman called Spike. What a Joy! From the second the cast were on stage, we laughed and cried from beginning to end. It is a very frank story of Spike Milligan, the Goons and the relationship between Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, and Spike Milligan. If you have the chance, please go to see it.

Having been at home for so many months, we also grabbed the chance to see a live screening of the new play by Tom Stoppard called Leopoldstadt. It followed a wealthy Jewish family in Vienna in 1920 and, as you can imagine, it was very thought provoking and so clever. I must admit to struggling with some of the dialogue – I would need to see it again to catch it all. 

In other important events, our cockerpoo Monty is 7 years old today. (As I write, he is waiting for his birthday sausage!) His walks form an important part of each day and, as many of our walks around Fairford are under water at this time of the year, I thought I would show you another of our favourites. Monty and I love this walk as it seems to attract all the nicest dogs and owners. This path is just under a mile long and with the permission of Earl Bathurst, we may enjoy it “on foot or horseback”. Monty runs from side to side chasing squirrels and running with other dogs, but I can stay on firm ground.

Last week Bill and I went on a circular drive which involved travelling to Malvern where a forester had saved me big bundles of 5ft sticks so I can build a sweet pea tunnel. (I will share pictures of my efforts in due course.) On from there to deliver 90 books to The Sewing Street Studio ready for my next TV appearance on 5th March and then on to drool over more lovely samplers at Witney Antiques… a great day! Click to watch the short video I made of the visit. 

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