Bluebells & Bottles

We squeezed through a fence and found ourselves amongst the bluebells. Nothing can beat that magical blue haze.

As I write, we are in the fifth week of lockdown during the Covid-19 crisis and I thought you might be cheered up by these pictures. Bill and I are being good and well-behaved and so far, have obeyed the rules. We shop once a week – I shop and Bill takes our little cockerpoo, Monty, for a lovely walk through the Bathurst Estate. Earl Bathurst has thankfully left the great horse chestnut walk open during daylight hours, where you are welcome on foot or horseback!

Last week, however, the great flour shortage was a nuisance with serious bread making going on, so we snuck out again and headed in the other direction to see if we had more luck. On the way home we parked and squeezed through a fence at Badbury Clump (an ancient woodland managed by the National Trust) and Bill, Monty and I found ourselves amongst the blue bells… It did us so much good. We read all the notices and it appeared that the car parks were closed but the woods open to all. What a treat!

My little collection of vintage bottles is just perfect for single blooms and, before you tell me off, these flowers were from my own garden not the protected woodland.

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