Easter at Pinks Barn

I really like Easter – perhaps even more than Christmas!

I think that since we had children, and certainly now that they have flown the nest, I really like Easter – perhaps even more than Christmas! I think this is partly due to not having to be Father Christmas and get the surprises right, but also the weather and the light is somehow more optimistic. After the last year we really do need to focus on all the good things in our lives and I have to tell you that spending just a small part of Easter with my husband, children and their partners and my grandchild was this year such a good experience! 

Of course, last year, our traditional Easter feast had to be cancelled because of lockdown and I was so disappointed as I had been shopping (while in London for a stitching show) and bought little painted eggs, chicks and other goodies, which I then stuffed in a cupboard in complete disgust and forgot all about them.

I have to admit that we were not entirely law-abiding citizens last weekend, and I can tell you why. All of us had Covid-19 at the end of October/beginning of November last year and some of us were very poorly indeed. And we are already in the childcare bubble for my grandson Felix.

As a result, we had our feast in our barn round a great big table and it was just perfect. It was, however, pure luck that whilst hunting for something else I discovered the bag of Easter goodies at the back of our ‘large housemaid’s cupboard’ in time for the event. (I should say I have never had a housemaid, small or large, but that is how this cupboard was described on the estate agent’s details!)

We started our feast with champagne and then Felix was sent out into the garden to see how many little yellow chicks he could find…These little fluffies were then given rides on his train.

The day ended with Bill playing piano and my gorgeous kids singing lovely old Ella Fitzgerald numbers and making me teary – I never sing unless alone, it causes too much amusement around the place…

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