Hunting for stuff & chair wrangling

I intended to hunt for old flowerpots and I came away with a chair. 

At last, the effects of a ghastly winter cold followed by a grotty chest are leaving me and I am looking forward again. It is still cold here in Fairford (an unlikely frost pocket) and I know that I have to keep an eye on the greenhouse, but I am getting my dander up again.

I gave in to gentle pressure and employed a painter and decorator to come and do something about our living room ­– and I have rehung my samplers in a different way, and it all looks lovely. I am particularly pleased with the new rich blue wall colour.

A few days ago, Bill and I went to Cotswold Reclamation, a real favourite of mine. I intended to hunt for old flowerpots and I came away with a chair. 

The chair business was just the best good luck! When Bill and I sit and watch TV, which is frankly not very often, I sit on the lovely squashy sofa and then can hardly walk when I get up at the end of the evening. A nurse’s back, poor posture, big babies and frankly no core muscles is the cause, but I know an old-fashioned straight up chair would really help. You can see the rather sad beige chair in one of the pictures, but I am about to have it covered in a lovely checked fabric to blend in. Wow, it is so comfortable…

Since I discovered this wonderful reclamation yard, I have bought a staddle stone, a two-pronged pitchfork, linen scutcher, three old chimney pots and now a chair. I do recommend it if you find yourself nearby.

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