Looking back to the festivities

I know that I am somewhat late to send you New Year blessings, but I will all the same.

I am writing this in February, and I hope you can see that I am quietly hiding my shame because I have been out of the loop of late. I always find the early months of the year tough, but it helps to look back on such a lovely time…

Before Christmas, Bill and I were enjoying a luxurious lie-in one Sunday morning and were eventually forced to move by Monty, our Cockerpoo, going mad in the hall. Bill volunteered to go downstairs and when he opened the front door to let the dog out, snow fell on his bare feet! We had no idea what had happened overnight and were quite caught on the hop. As you can see, I ventured into the garden to take a few snaps of what is a rare event for our part of the UK. 

To add to the excitement, I was poised to decorate the house and put up the Christmas tree in the barn and it was as good as a white Christmas. Just lovely!

For me Christmas really starts with us hosting our annual wine tasting supper, where all our tasters sing carols around the piano as well as tasting a Christmas selection. Music is a vital part of the family Christmas too – anything from Disney to the blues! My daughter-in-law Starly has sung professionally and has a CD. (I have her band on my iTunes library and I love her popping up after Eric Clapton or Ella Fitzgerald.) My daughter Loulou has a lovely voice too, and her rendition of any Patsy Cline song brings me out in goosebumps.

We were lucky again this year as the whole family were here for the big day. My son James and his lovely wife arrived on Christmas Eve with a very excited Felix and baby Agnes for her first Christmas. Lou and her partner Natalie arrived late morning on Christmas Day. 

Our grandson, Felix is 5 (nearly 6) and for him Christmas was just magical. There were hoots of joy when he saw that Santa had been, had bitten a chunk of mince pie and the reindeer had eaten most of the carrots. The picture of Felix and Agnes was taken by my son James – can you guess he is a professional photographer?

Boxing Day is always a very slow day. I made toast most of the morning and then we had a massive brunch with chips. All the gang walked Monty or made their way to the next event, and I got to watch my old movie in peace and quiet and weep over It’s a Wonderful Life again.

I know that I am somewhat late to send you New Year blessings, but I will all the same.

I am at an age where many of my chums are less well, and we worry for them. Bill is a Volunteer Driver and he, of course, hears some real tales of woe from his many clients. 

So, I am not sure when you will be reading this but, in any case, I wish you and yours a safe and healthy 2023 and let us keep our fingers crossed.

Unexpectedly cold outside but very cosy inside!

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