My Little Office

I was left without an office but with the feeling of needing a fresh start. I have now moved upstairs to a room with a view.

I ran my business from home for many years. The studio used to create and pack all my stitching kits was once the garage. After the business moved to Warrington (a tale in itself!), I filled a skip in order to reclaim the space for its original purpose. Now there is even space for Bill to have his trusty treadmill in there. 

This left me without an office but with the feeling that I needed a fresh start. I have moved upstairs to a cosy space under the eaves. The pictures of samplers on the sloping ceiling are inspiring but also stop me hitting my head on the slope, which has happened quite a lot.

My room faces west and overlooks my neighbours’ lovely garden, so I am simply in heaven. This space is actually a little area off one of the guest bedrooms so I will have to behave myself and keep things tidy! I have baskets for in-trays, reclaimed crates on wheels for storage (thank you Bailey’s Home Store) and a long peg rail from which to hang my disgustingly large scissor collection!

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