My Sampler Study Boxes

I have collected samplers for over 30 years and we are surrounded by them in our main drawing room

As with so much of what goes on at Pinks Barn, and indeed in my life, I think you could say that my new range of Sampler Study Boxes were some sort of organic progression. My fascination for antique samplers and the children who made them is rather well documented!

Is I have mentioned elsewhere, I have collected samplers for over 30 years and we are surrounded by them in our main drawing room. Over the past 10 years, I have been much more selective about my purchases and have in fact sold a few of my early pieces to make room for more.

I know that there are a few of you out there who are similarly smitten with the sampler genre and love to feel a connection with the original stitcher. My new Sampler Study Boxes are a way where you can sit and reproduce a sampler with its oddities and foibles and feel that you are connecting with the child stitcher. 

Each sampler has been charted as seen (often with a magnifying glass) and if I have tweaked at all, I have said so. 

These samplers deserve special treatment, so I sourced and stamped luxurious boxes and consulted on the best papers to print pictures of the samplers for you to study. I have also designed a very sweet miniature thread sorter for the occasion, and this comes with my thread suggestions for finishing with a folded hem if you would like to try this. I am keen for you to know as much as I do about each sampler, so you will find the history detailed in the box too.  

Also included is Stitching your own Little Piece of History, an exclusive booklet put together by yours truly and my esteemed Editor, Jenny Dixon and we hope that all the information is interesting and helpful. 

If you would like more of my sampler thoughts and want to read more, about you might like my book Cross Stitch Antique Style Samplers. I will, of course, sign and dedicate for you if you wish.

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