Garden Cuttings

The greenhouse is always filled with the promise of what's to come. And it's a lovely place to hide for a while!

I am sure you are all at one with me when I say this is a very difficult time. And, of course, it follows on from so much rain that flooded homes and waterlogged our gardens. As I squelched around my cutting beds I did wonder if they would ever dry out. 

I was very disciplined last autumn, thank heavens, and I did clear the tender plants and mulch the dahlia beds. One really good thing is that my wonderful carpenter created extra shelves in the green house which had forced me to empty it and so at least I am starting tidy this year. As you can see, my geranium cuttings are doing rather well, in fact I may have to remove a few of the flowers to encourage a bit more root growth. 

Last year I was tempted to try geranium cuttings and was amazed at the results. I always felt this was rather grown up gardening and not for the likes of me. Since then I have been experimenting and I have fuchsia cuttings thriving as I write. My intention now is to have a go at dahlia cuttings when my current stock is well rooted.

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