Out with Monty for the afternoon

"We followed a footpath and were simply staggered by the smell of wild garlic."

One of the many good things about dog ownership is that you really do have to go out for a walk. Over the past months where either the weather was very wet in early spring, or later when we were forced to limit our activities, dear Monty had to be walked. As a general rule he is a very sweet, obedient and loving creature, but not if he sees another dog on a lead. He is off the lead more than on as he does do as he is told, but he loves to wind up other dogs not as fortunate. This may be some sort of dog sense of humour!

Last month we took him for a wander through some woods near a pretty village called Sapperton, famous for its connection with the Arts and Crafts Movement in the early twentieth century. The whole village and surrounding countryside are owned, conserved and maintained by the Bathurst Estate so you can imagine it is just lovely.

We followed a footpath which was, in fact, the bed of a dried-up brook (well, most of it was dried up) and we were simply staggered by the smell of wild garlic. In the picture you can see the extent of the plants. There was just so much I am afraid I was guilty of picking some leaves and flowers to take home in clean poo bags!

Later the same day I washed my treasure, checked for creepies, then made wild garlic cheese – it was out of this world. I used one large pot of Philly, plus lemon juice and zest – all whizzed up with salt, black pepper and the wild garlic leaves and flowers.

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