Outside at last!

The greenhouse was bursting at the seams and my seedlings where desperate to get out into real soil

There is simply no doubt that post-Covid I am rather lacking puff but gradually catching up now with the encouragement of better weather. I had a rather grotty reaction to my second vaccination or caught a stinking cold (I am not sure which), and it lasted three weeks. I am not a good patient! I was simply desperate to get on with the garden, ventured out and promptly tripped over the hose pipe and damaged my knee… I can kneel again now, thank goodness, which means I can get int the best weeding position.

Last time I wrote about my garden we had just reshaped my cutting beds and I know that you have seen some pictures show you the earlier stages of the planting. Now you can see it coming on a treat, and I have to say I am thrilled how Herb Corner is filling out. 

Once I got started in the garden, I could not really stop – the greenhouse was bursting at the seams and some seedlings where desperate to get out into real soil. 

I am just relieved that I have got to the stage where the greenhouse is resting and, if we do get rain again this month, I should have a wonderful display. 

This was definitely the last time that I would be lifting my dahlias and storing them ready for post-frost planting. It was like living with a house full of triffids! This autumn I will be covering them with masses of compost and crossing my fingers.

This weekend my big task is to clear out the greenhouse, clean it and get cracking on my foxglove seeds and trying out some other biennials. 

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