Should I be inside or outside?

I am torn between creating new things to stitch, sorting out my work room and working in the garden.

I am aware that some of you think that I am the luckiest woman alive… Well, I am, but that does come with quandaries! I have a work room that looks like a hurricane has passed through and dumped everything on the spare bed. The pressure is on as I know that you are waiting for more Treasures, and the sun is shining on weeds that are waist high in some cases. The garden is looking lovely mainly because the cosmos and dahlias are very tall, so your eye is taken away from the weeds at ground level.

The weather has been unexpectedly lovely over the past few days, so I have turned away from my stitching and have been beavering away outside. After spending two days on my hands and knees with a sharp knife clearing the weeds from the paths and the courtyard, I have given in, broken my own rules and used a weed killer designed for paths. I hate to do it, but I am not sure how many more times I can do the hand and knee knife dance.

I am sure that I have finally picked the very last of the sweet peas (I am writing in the first week of September), so as soon as I have empty garden bins, I will be able to pull them down and use the space for all my biennials which are trying to leave the greenhouse under their own steam. 

There are teasels, honesty, wall flowers, foxgloves and hollyhocks as well as some edible violas all waiting to get outside.

Even the washing line is looking quite pretty. (Did you know that in parts of the USA you are not allowed to hang washing outside?) I love a washing line and my dear old clothes prop made from a piece of seasoned timber for me over 30 years ago by Clem Paymen. What is not to like about a white wash blowing in the wind?

I am torn between creating new things to stitch, sorting out my work room and working in the garden. Today the garden wins as rain is forecast for tomorrow. I’m off to start taking cuttings from my favourite geraniums and the rosemary bush in Herb Corner.

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