Sitting still & watching

After fighting my computer, I took myself to the courtyard with a glass of wine and just sat

After an exhausting day fighting my computer and almost throwing it out of the window, I took myself to the courtyard with a glass of wine and just sat.

I must have been very still because before long Mrs blackbird came very close and pecked at the brick path. She took a beak-full and flew to the garage roof. Then I spotted a youngster perching on the hanging basket support, and down she came and fed her baby!

I stayed very still, and a wren popped down from her nest and starting pecking around. She is so tiny with that amazing sticky-up tale and lovely pink-brown plumage. What a noise she makes for such a small bird.

I was feeling so much better (and it was not just the wine) when a grey squirrel wandered across the top of the garage. I felt I was in Snow White’s garden.

Just when I was feeling a little bit smug, I spotted a seven-foot thistle in amongst my plants, I am not exaggerating, I actually measured it. Sadly, I do not have any pictures to show you to prove my story, but I have taken some snaps of the garden for you. I am in the process to removing all the climbers from the house (now that the birds have fledged) – all our doors and windows are being replaced this month so needs must!

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