The garden is glorious, but will anyone see it this year?

"I do regret that none of my chums will see Pinks Barn garden at its best..."

I am not going to go on and on about the period of time in 2020 where we were effectively told to stay at home, but I do regret that none of my chums will see Pinks Barn garden at its best…

I spent hours outside during the good weather in April and May, and now I can actually see where I have been. I remodelled certain areas, added to my cutting beds and have plans to do more but only when all the nests are empty. 

There are two main areas that are either covered in ivy or with evergreen Clematis where families of robins, thrushes and blackbirds are almost ready to leave their nests and then I will be out there with my trusty shears. One nest I am not at all sorry to see empty is the wasps’ nest that Bill and I disturbed when cutting some ivy. Without so much as a buzz of warning, they were upon us. We were very lucky to get away with only a few stings between us.

If you have seen images of the garden in previous Jottings, you will know that I go for the big blousey look and it is not manicured at all. I seem to have been much more successful this year achieving some colour from early spring before the dahlias flower, and I am really pleased with this. A few tweaks next autumn and I think I will have cracked it. I seem to have balanced the planting in north-facing flower beds with foxgloves and Acanthus successfully and so it has been very interesting. I might add that the best foxglove this year is the one in the picture, and it self-seeded last year and in the wrong place. 

I do love to have a few ornaments and surprises in amongst my plants. Bill bought me a family of rusty chickens for my birthday and they are now happily living in my Love-in-a-Mist, which has been a joy this year. I shall certainly plant more varieties next year. If only I could breed the rusty chickens!

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