The Great British Sampler Weekend

I got chance to talk to dozens of the guests and signed books and flirted all day long

In March Nicola Parkman (from Hands across the Sea) asked me to take part in her incredibly exciting and enterprising Sampler Weekend at the Hilton Hotel Swindon, to be held at the end of September 2023. Living so close to the Event was a blessing and I was happy to accept her invitation. I was to talk about my journey through embroidery and also mention Finder of Treasures and, of course, The Cross Stitch Guild

It also transpired that I was to have two tables so that I could offer a pop-up shop for the day. Bill and I arrived at 8am with our daughter Louise who manned the card machine for me and we had a brilliant day. I got chance to talk to dozens of the guests and signed books and flirted all day long. The tables looked as if locust had been by lunch time and my special piece of work sold out in minutes.

Anyone who knows me that I cannot resist a challenge and so I set about designing something for the guests coming to the event. In the end, I think over 170 people took part in the weekend event, many of whom travelled from the USA and so I planned something very English. Now you can see it as I have now made this available as a Treasure.

The Little Book of English Samplers includes a selection of English sampler styles including a marking sampler, a Quaker page, a Bristol red sampler, a darning sampler and a blackwork example. Each page is complete in itself and when all are completed, they are stitched inside their own cover.

A big thank you to all for such a lovely day!

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