The muddle was awful, but it was worth it

I have pockets full of picture hooks, a hammer and pliers!

It is the last week of January and I have tried very hard to dismiss the dark feelings associated with this month. Keeping busy has included clearing out my workroom, plus the two other bedrooms that I seem to have filled with stuff. And I am still not sorted… 

I have given in and treated myself to a painter who has worked wonders with the landing, gallery, downstairs hall, cloakroom and our bedroom. Now it looks marvellous, but oh the mess and the disruption! 

Bill and I have turned into owls since lockdown and both of us are often up until 1am – and consequently get up rather late! The painter’s arrival at 8.15 each morning left us wilted and waspish.

It was his last day on Friday, and we left him in peace – kettle, tea, sugar and biscuits at the ready and I had a lovely day at the shops buying picture frames, mirrors, table lamps, new towels for our bathroom and so on. I realised that we have had some of our towels for nearly 40 years! Many have been dyed different colours and chopped up as hand towels, but really the time had come….

I have enjoyed giving the newly decorated areas a bit of a makeover. I have been re-hanging pictures in groups and taking them down again (why is this so hard to judge?), arranging things on chests, moving cupboards and chairs, and lots more besides. I have pockets full of picture hooks, a hammer and pliers! I seem to have run up and down stairs for days and I should be as slim as a racing snake, but no. 

Over the past couple of years, we have had the conversation – you know the one – shall we move to an apartment, should we move before we have to and so on? After simply emptying just the downstairs cloakroom, the landing and corridor I am not moving. How on earth could we downsize! I simply need all my stuff.

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