What to do for our Birthday Weekend?

I am finding it difficult to believe that my ‘Finder of Treasures’ venture is a year old

I am finding it difficult to believe that my ‘Finder of Treasures’ venture is a year old.  It was originally timed for my 70th Birthday on the 8th May but we were ready a day early and thought we would press the button and see what happened. I never imagined getting so much positive support for this project – I cannot thank you all enough. 

Really, I think it was started because I needed somewhere to put the ideas that seemed to keep coming. My poor brain does not understand the time off or rest a while.

I have continued my designing tasks with The Cross Stitch Guild and, believe me, Andrea and Jenny keep me busy in this department… We had photography at Pinks Barn this week for the Members’ magazine Stolen Moments and there are two more planned shoots to show what I have been getting up when you weren’t looking.

Anyway, back to the Birthday weekend (mine and ‘Finder’s’). I wanted to do something a bit different to celebrate and the idea came to me as I tided my tiny office and tried to find more space than there is to be had.

Over the past 38 years, I have only once had a sale of some of my stitching – I added a few framed pictures to the wall at Sewing for Pleasure in Birmingham, simply because we were completely running out of places to keep them. 

For this birthday I am offering a unique collection of stitched pieces. They are very personal to me, designed for me by me and I really love them! After I had the idea, I had to sit down with a cup of sweet tea to think it through…

I am already feeling a little possessive, so this limited collection will only be here until the end of May. At that point anything left will be gratefully gathered back into my own collection of treasures. 

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